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2022-2023 Board of Directors Candidates

Got Questions? 

Building our team for the Future

We are excited to announce this year's candidates for election to the Board of Directors, to serve the term beginning in September 2022 through August 2025! Voting will take place at the annual membership meeting on September 6, 2022. To vote, you must be a current member of Sterling Playmakers for the 2022-2023 season. Join us!

Introducing your 2022 Candidates for the Board of Directors: 

Jeannie DeLisi

Hi, I’m Jeannie DeLisi, and I hope to join the Board with your support. Twenty years ago, I auditioned for the Playmakers’ summer musical, The Sound of Music, and that was the beginning of a wonderful partnership. The Playmakers have given me the opportunity to perform (at times with my husband and son), direct, music direct, chair hair and makeup, and help with costumes. Now that I’m quasi-retired, I want to give back — for all the joy I’ve received — as part of the leadership. I bring enthusiasm, creativity, positivity, diplomacy, and a passion for excellence. Thank you for your consideration!


Bill Fry

I have been a member of the Sterling Playmakers since the first year and served on the board for over 15 years.  I have appeared on stage in a few shows but I prefer to work backstage, having worked on more than 75 shows.  As a board member, I have been active in the Technical Committee and in the past few years, the manager of the Playmakers Costume and Prop Shop (CAPS), keeping it organized and preparing it for the second phase of expansion.  If re-elected, I hope to continue to manage and improve the CAPS shop.


Laura Garofolo

I have been involved with the Sterling Playmakers since 2004, starting with Charlotte’s Web when my daughter, who was seven years old,  became interested in theater.  Although I had no theater experience I jumped in and supported where I could and organized the first scout show.  Since that show, I have continued to be involved by organizing scout shows for other productions, ushering, managing props or house, helping with the box office and auditions, and I’ve even produced once. I joined the board in February 2022, filling a vacant seat, and I would be honored to continue to serve as a member of the Board of Directors.  


Tim Silk

2022 is my 20th year as a Playmaker. I’m running for another term because I want to help strengthen this organization and considerably amplify our presence in the community, while continuing to provide quality entertainment that educates, inspires, and uplifts everyone. We provide community theatre for the entire community. We are Sterling and Loudoun’s hometown theatre, where anyone can walk in off the street and onto the stage, no resume, no headshot, no experience required. We are all volunteers – a collection of service-minded friends and families who bring together our unique talents and experiences to create memorable moments for our audiences, our communities, and each other. That’s what it’s all about. That’s our true mission. That’s why I’m here. I remain eager to serve.


Mike Zavala

I would like to throw my hat in the ring for a position on the Board of Directors. This is a new area of interest for me and I believe I can make a worthwhile contribution. I have had the opportunity to experience first-hand some of the behind-the- scenes activities and functions necessary to produce a quality entertainment experience. Usher and Box Office Manager are two of the duties I have undertaken. I have not only enjoyed performing these tasks but also am very impressed with the people I’ve met and their enthusiasm and commitment to putting on a good show. My background is in Accounting and IT, of some use I hope. Alas, I’ve reached the 125 word limit. Sincerely, Michael Zavala.

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