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Open Call for Directors

Sterling Playmakers is accepting director applications for the 2022 calendar year as well as our pre-selected summer musical, Ragtime: The Musical. Ragtime: The Musical will perform for 3 weekends in July and August 2022.


If you are interested in directing for the Playmakers, you may apply to direct Ragtime and/or submit up to three proposals for shows of your choice. Generally, selected directors do not direct more than one show per season.

Our organization was recently admitted into the Washington Area Theatre Community Honors (WATCH). The WATCH organization recognizes excellence in community theatre and organizes an annual awards ceremony at The Birchmere in Alexandria. Our individual productions will determine whether to submit their show for WATCH adjudication, with support and coordination from Sterling Playmakers Board member John Geddie.


Sterling Playmakers has four possible time slots, but it is up to the Board’s discretion whether three or four shows are selected: 


  • Late Winter/Early Spring 2022 (Performs for two weekends in March)

  • Late Spring 2022 (Performs for two weekends in May or June)

  • Early Fall 2022 (Performs for two weekends in October)

  • Late Fall 2022 (Performs two weekends in November)


The Board reserves the right to choose from the application pool, to extend the application deadline if necessary, or seek out other alternatives.


The Season Development Committee is willing to consider both plays and musicals. If the Board selects a musical, the musical will most likely be slated for late fall 2022. For plays, the Board considers both comedies and dramas with the goal of a varied season each year.


The committee will consider director proposals for new plays, musicals or other original work. The director should submit a sample (the first 10-15 pages) of the piece.  If the director is selected as a finalist, they will be required to submit the entire piece so the committee may read the piece.


In addition to traditional plays and musicals, the committee is also open to alternate type productions. Examples might include but are not limited to a one act or short plays festival, poetry readings, comedy sketch show, improv night, a monologue competition/festival, staged readings of new works, experimental, or other works.


While we will consider many types of shows, the committee has a particular interest in the following:

  • Musicals featuring a small-medium sized cast contrasting to our large cast summer musical.

  • Plays featuring roles mainly for adults.

  • Plays featuring major roles for children, or teens.

  • Shows highlighting diversity and inclusion

  • Shows possibly traveling and lending themselves to alternative venues (outside, a coffee shop, a church, etc...)

  • Shows appealing to a wide general audience


Shows we are less likely to consider:

  • Shows we’ve done within the last ten years (see production history)

  • Shows that are too dark, too edgy, or have excessive foul language. Sterling Playmakers highlights “by the community for the community” plays and musicals. We tend to choose shows appealing to a wide general audience, although one show per year may push the boundaries a bit.


While the committee will accept proposals up until the deadline of February 1, 2021, Sterling Playmakers encourages you to apply as soon as you are able, as this allows more time for the committee to review your proposal. You can download our application here


Following submission, the committee and the board will review applications. The Board may reach out to applicants with questions about their application. Finalists will be selected and asked to attend either in person or online interview. Final notifications will be made after interviews are completed and the board makes their final decisions.


Sterling Playmakers looks forward to considering your submissions! Please feel free to email us with any questions.


Thank you,

The Season Development Committee

Ellen Price and Jim Bowen-Collinson, Co-Chairs

Community Theatre for the Entire Community
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