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Sterling Playmakers is a non-profit 501(c)(3) community theatre organization in partnership with Loudoun County Parks, Recreation and Community Services and the Sterling Community Center. Founded in 1996, Sterling Playmakers provides amateur community theatre performed by local residents for the entire Loudoun community. We are proud to present quality, family-friendly entertainment.


Sterling Playmakers, in cooperation with Loudoun County Parks, Recreation, and Community Services’ Sterling Community Center, will associate ourselves together for the following purposes:

To foster and perpetuate wholesome theatrical presentations for all age groups, of both a cultural and entertainment value to the community of Sterling, ever keeping in mind our obligations to the community in the safeguarding of the principles of good taste in all our endeavors.

To produce, direct, write, teach, stage and in all ways provide all forms of performing arts activities and events for children and adults and to hire such staff as may be necessary.

To exist as a non-profit organization, which operates strictly for the enjoyment of our members, providing an outlet for the artistic talents of as many community individuals as possible.



We are Sterling and Loudoun's hometown community theatre, where anyone can walk in off the street and onto the stage - no resume, no headshot, no experience required. We are community theatre for the entire community.




We believe that we play an important role in the community. We are committed to building and maintaining an inclusive environment because inclusion leads to diversity and diversity creates richer experiences for everyone. 


We value people and community, openness, appreciation, and humility. We value teaching and learning.


We want theatre to flourish in our community. We are passionate and proud of what we do and we want to share our passion with as many people in our community as we can. 

We are a membership-based, non-profit organization. Please join us

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