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Sterling Playmakers is now accepting director applications for the 2024 calendar year.


2024 Director Application

Deadline: March 3, 2023

You are the director of the show of your choice, with some guidance below on the types of productions desired. We are seeking director applications for plays (dramas or comedies) and musicals that include:

  • Diverse and inclusive scripts and/or roles

  • Appeal to general audiences 

  • A larger cast for the summer musical including families and/or children

  • No shows we've produced in the last decade (see our production history)

For the summer musical, we have named The Little Mermaid or Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical as preferred titles, but they serve as examples for the type of proposals we want. We are open to other titles!


Send an email to with any additional questions you may have. The Q&A below provides additional insight.

Q&A with the Season Selection Committee

What are you looking for?

We want an exciting year of entertainment to appeal to our current membership, and to attract new actors to audition and new theater-goers to our performances. We want plays (drama or comedy) and musicals of “director’s choice,” with a slightly different approach to selecting the Summer Musical, for several time slots. Two shows in late winter/early spring, the summer musical, and two in fall/early winter. So, a total of five mainstage shows, with an exciting opportunity for a play festival, too. That’s six possibilities for potential directors.


How is the Summer Musical a ‘different approach’?

We have named two musicals to choose from, Disney’s The Little Mermaid or Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical, but we are open to other selections if they fit our vision: a wide, general audience, a large cast that lends itself to families performing together, and a diverse and inclusive range of actors.


Can you give potential directors more specific guidance in terms of “Director’s Choice”?

Sure. The Playmakers are a family-centric community theater group. We want plays and musicals that appeal to a wide, general audience and feature diversity and inclusion in the roles. We are NOT interested in shows we’ve done in the past 10 years. General audiences. Nothing too dark or political. No foul language. No overly sexual content. Especially no discriminatory content.


Can you explain more about the Festival?

In addition to mainstage plays and musicals, we’re seeking a director/coordinator of a one-weekend festival with a clear theme — 10-minute one-acts, a festival celebrating women and minority authors, Shakespeare in the Park. And it should lend itself to alternative venues — outdoors, a coffee shop, a church — and have very low-level tech requirements in terms of set, costumes, and lighting.


Can folks submit to direct an original play or musical?

Yes. We have performed many original works by local authors in the past. But not for the summer musical — that has to be a “name” show. Just submit a sample (10-15 pages) of the

script for consideration with your application. If you’re selected as a finalist, you’ll have to submit the entire play, of course.


What if I’ve never directed before? Can I still be considered?

Absolutely. We have helped lots of directors get their first start. That being said, it’s unlikely that you’d be selected to direct the summer musical as a first-time director, but the other shows are a definite possibility. We are all about empowering creativity in your hometown theatre, Sterling Playmakers, where anyone can walk in off the street and onto the stage — no resume, no headshot, no experience required. We know there is talent in everyone; we want to find it, develop it, and give it a stage!

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