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Dirty Work Afoot General Cover-01.jpg

The Trials of a Working Girl

Written by Terry Nelson DiMurro and Jerry Starks

Produced by Lora Buckman and Angela Hepola

Directed by Terry Nelson DiMurro

Featuring Bill Edwards on Piano

Performances April 8-May 1, 2022 at multiple venues in Loudoun County.

DIRTY WORK AFOOT is a family friendly, traditional, old fashion melodrama, with a villain to boo and a hero to cheer. DIRTY WORK AFOOT is the story of the Whitneys, a wealthy family who is the target of the villainous Ravenaw Blackwing who plans to marry the daughter for her fortune. It is also the story of Robert Whitney and his love for the house maid Penelope Pure who is hiding a deep secret that keeps her from returning his love.

The show also features specialty acts. The audience is encouraged to boo and cheer or sing along. Fun entertainment for the whole family.

COVID-19 safety precautions may be in place.

Protocols are subject to change based on the venue

and guidance from Federal, state, or local government.

If you have any questions or concerns,

please contact us at

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Mrs. Whitney - Kathleen Donovan

Alice Whitney - Sarah Lehner

Miss Harriet Norcross - KD Zavarelli

Robert Whitney - John Geddie

Penelope Pure - Courtney Garofolo

Ravenaw Blackwing - Scott Ruegg

Detective Rosenblum/Rev. Smith/Little Old Lady - Jack Seeley

Ralph the Rat - Tom Digre

Sam the Snake - Ovi Sufitchi

Augustina Note - Lisa Alford

Mr. Jones - Clint McCauley

Mr. Green - Peter Markey

Mrs. Jones - Brianna Baldwin / Soni Oberleas

Mrs. Fergusson - Angela Hepola

OLIO/ Mr. Fergusson - Paul Gernhardt

OLIO/ Mrs. Green - Susan Kronenberg

OLIO/ Miss Brown - Tina Pyhtila

OLIO/ Party Guest - Adam Halvorsen

OLIO/ Pianist - Bill Edwards

OLIO - Brianna Baldwin / Soni Oberleas

OLIO/ Host - Lauren Sunday

Host - Carol Frysinger

Host - Don O'Brien

Host - Sue O'Brien

Understudy - Mylo Schmidt

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